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My name is Katherine. I like kicking men in the balls. Well, I also like squeezing, kneeing stomping and just generally causing as much pain as humanly possible to the little dangling orbs between the legs of men. The power I feel knowing there is nothing he can do to retaliate and the sexual control I have over him are incalculably amazing.

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Like a lot of other perverted men with too much money and not a lot of love, I became obsessed with the idea of having my testicles destroyed pretty early on in my life. It had been about 5 years prior to actually having the chance to indulge in my fetish that I read my first ballbusting story. It was in an autobiography of some guy that had devoted his life to the proliferation of BDSM and femdom subculture — I originally got the book as a present from a work college, and I soon found myself loving the concept behind testicle punishment. See, my balls need to be taught a good lesson from time to time. I go about my life with little care for others and waste my money on expensive food and fast cars.
I have a beautiful wife, and she means the world to me, but lately I have been taking what time I can out of our life and going about a personal indulgence that I simply cannot get enough of. See, I have a particularly strong fetish for ballbusting, and it all started back when I would read online forums devoted to kinky sex. I actually started out my interest in this fetish by being into domination, but soon after I started to love the idea of submission. I became obsessed with reading a ballbusting story at least once a day, and I felt that I could never truly live my life without having my testicles punished. So one day, I took it upon myself to find someone that was willing to help me experience my very special submissive fetish.