Lesbian custody battle

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By Shae Irving , J. If you are splitting up with a same-sex partner and you have children, you are likely to face some difficult challenges. The law -- both as it is written and as it is practiced -- can be very unfair to same-sex parents. Making matters even messier, the legal rules change constantly. Lesbian and gay parents are truly forging new territory -- which is fine when you are in the mood to be a revolutionary, but not necessarily so when all you want to do is spend the day with your child.

Same-Sex Couples: Child Custody Issues

Same-Sex Couples: Child Custody Issues | DivorceNet

Last year, when the Supreme Court made it legal for same-sex couples to marry nationwide, one might have expected the ruling to end thorny questions about the legal status of their ,plus children. But as recent developments in a Tennessee court case have made clear, the religious right and its Republican enablers are now doing their best to deprive such children of legal parental attachments, giving the lie to decades of pious claims that their paramount interest lay with protecting children. You'll find the latest example in a September 9 motion to intervene filed in a contentious divorce battle between two women by the Family Action Council of Tennessee FACT. FACT, which acted on behalf of 53 state legislators, all Republican, said in a statement that the case was about whether Obergefell authorizes judges to determine custody policies in divorce proceedings for individual states. Which is one way to frame it.

Same-sex custody battle: When law doesn't call you mom

Forever for my girlfriend M and I began on a blissful day in May of I stood before my bride, at the ceremony of our domestic partnership, with an ardent vision for the rest of our lives. M was my everything. I wanted to give her the entire world.
In a thorny custody case involving a lesbian couple who used artificial insemination to have a family, Zunk is in the fight of her life to protect her relationship with two children she has raised since birth. She and her partner of 15 years broke up last year, and her ex-partner is now trying to terminate Zunk's guardianship of their 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. But Zunk is fighting back as she faces what could best be described as a medical and legal conundrum — a difficult situation in which the law and technology are out of step. Technology allowed the two women — one a doctor; the other a teacher — to have and raise children together. But the law doesn't recognize them both as parents.