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The kindergarten is located in the middle of campus Kallerud. We have a large outdoor area where the children can play both summer and winter. You can rent the kindergarten for birthday parties. We accept children aged 0—6 years. Kvisthula with 22 places for children aged years, and Musebolet with 14 places for children aged 0—2 years. Apply for kindergarten Norwegian only.


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W3C liability , trademark and permissive document license rules apply. The Vehicle Information Service Specification VISS is a service for accessing vehicle information, signals from sensors on control units within a vehicle's network. The service provides this information in JSON format. The service may reside in the vehicle for applications needing to analyse a high volume of realtime data or on servers in the internet with information already brought off the vehicle.

Sit Soppen Kindergarten

Childproofing your home inside and out keeps your children safe while also giving you peace of mind. Childproofing your home involves some basic tasks that can take just a few minutes to complete. Put safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs and, if possible, at the entrance of the kitchen and bathroom. Install a carbon monoxide detector in every sleeping area of the house to protect your family from this poisonous, deadly gas.
And it ended Wednesday with a Calgary woman admitting criminal charges of making child pornography and communicating for the purpose of facilitating a sexual offence when her new boyfriend turned his attention to her year-old daughter. A physical altercation between the husband and wife brought police to the home and the apprehension of their children by family services, Justice Willie deWit was told. KMartin postmedia.