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S2 The effect of a walking program on the quality of life and well-being of people with schizophrenia. Emanuel Oliveira, D. Sousa, M. Uba-Chupel, G. Furtado, C.

Proceedings of the 3rd IPLeiria's International Health Congress : Leiria, Portugal. 6-7 May 2016

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Mirante da Vista Chinesa. Aterro do Flamengo. Pedal da Floresta. Orla da Praia e Lagoa.
This program is part of the celebrations of a decade of its daily dynamism. In our society, which is still marked by profound gender inequalities, we understand emancipation and freedom as an ongoing daily struggle. In these talks we will share the creation and reflection of filmmakers, artists, curators, and researchers, so that we can think together, and advance our world-views. Freedom practices are part of each problematizing gesture. The democratic maturity of a country is not unshakeable, the same for its freedoms that so many times are put under threat.