What states allow gays to adopt

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By Oscar Lopez. The cases reflect a growing tension in the United States between civil rights advocates opposing discrimination and religious groups seeking the right to operate according to their spiritual beliefs. A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services, which funded the refugee foster care program through a grant to the U. Conference of Catholic Bishops, said the Department did not comment on pending litigation.

Map of States Where Same-Sex Couples Are Able to Get Joint or Second Parent Adoption

In good faith? U.S. legal battle over gay adoption intensifies | Reuters

These protections prohibit discrimination against youth in the child welfare system based on sexual orientation and gender identity. This map also includes the states in which there are laws or regulations that require current and prospective foster parents and child welfare staff to receive training about LGBTQ youth in areas like cultural competency and legal requirements, as well as the states with laws requiring that transgender youth be placed in accordance with their gender identity. Only states with explicit legal requirements for transgender youth placement are included to the exclusion of those with recommendations and those that consider housing placements on a case-by-case basis. These laws and regulations are designed to improve the safety and outcomes for LGBTQ youth in the child welfare system. For more information, please contact Lambda Legal. Be the first to know about new reports and MAP news by signing up for our newsletter.

Same-Sex Adoption

In March , Amber Stanton, 38, received a call from her doctor's office that would change her life: A pregnant transgender teenager was looking for an LGBTQ couple to adopt his baby. Would Stanton and her wife, Rachel, be willing to take the child in? The Nashville-area business owners had been struggling with fertility issues since the birth of their son, Ryman, six years earlier. After meeting with the pregnant year-old, Oliver Graves, and his then-boyfriend, fellow high school senior Lukas Reed, at a local restaurant, they all agreed to an open adoption. She added that their daughter, Regan, who will be 2 years old in May, has a family that covers "the whole LGBT" spectrum.
In a major civil rights decision, the U. Supreme Court ruled on June 15 that federal law protects workers from job discrimination based on their sexual orientation or expression. Until the ruling, 27 states did not have statewide laws banning such discrimination. While this is progress for LGBTQ rights, the Trump administration on June 12 reversed an Obama era regulation protecting transgender people from discrimination when it comes to health care and health insurance.