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Childhood sex-role behaviors: similarities and differences in twins

Can Identical Twins Be Different Sexes?

K ath and Chris Dent are both well-travelled and like keeping fit. They enjoy similar music and have compatible political and religious views. They are both 59, have great fun together and sound like a perfect match. There is no chance of them getting together, however, because they are twins. Being in their company is rather like spending time with a married couple who have been together for years.

Can Identical Twins Be Different Sexes?

To examine possible prenatal hormonal influences on sex-typed play, we compared girls with a boy co-twin to girls with a girl co-twin and girls with an older brother. In opposite-sex dizygotic twin pairs, the uterine environment may allow transfer of testosterone from the male to the female fetus. Singletons with an older brother provide a control for shared social environment.
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