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I'd like to find some that are sheer, but do not squeeze me like a sausage and cut off my circulation. Can you recommend any particular brands? I can afford to pay more for them, but want quality, not just a fancy brand name. Dear Answer Angel Ellen: I can no longer manage pantyhose.

14 Ways to Reuse Old Tights and Pantyhose

25 Money Saving Ways to Reuse worn-out Pantyhose – Savings Challenge

Need health insurance? Open enrollment for Affordable Care Act insurance continues through Aug. About three years into our marriage, my wife confronted me with a strange look on her face. Denise had been poking around my workshop in the garage and discovered my stash of pantyhose.

25 Ways to Reuse Pantyhose

Whether they've been snagged beyond repair , worn a hole through the foot, or have simply gone out of style, chances are own at least one pair of old tights that's now bunched up somewhere in the depths of your drawer. And while they may seem like a garment entirely gone, don't toss those tights just yet a single pair can take years to decompose in landfills. To help give your gently used pantyhose another life , see if your local thrift shops or secondhand stores will accept them some have restrictions on certain textiles or clothing conditions.
The life span of your average pantyhose is, what, 2 months? I have actually had some pantyhose for years, but thats because I only wear them a couple times a year. So lets say you get 5 good uses out of a pair of pantyhose - what else can you do with them?