Shaved males locker room

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Last year I finally joined a gym and have been working out there regularly- about three times a week before I head into the office in the morning. My routine is always the same- get out of bed, grab a quick bite to eat, throw on my gym clothes, pack up my work clothes and shaving kit, head off to the gym, work out for about an hour then shower, shave and get dressed.

Shaved guys in the locker room..

Locker room: Guy shaving naked in the locker…

Daniel became desensitized to nudity when he joined the Marines at I just lost the shame we build around our bodies when I realized that nobody cared and a body is just a body. Those old naked guys in the public locker room may be a dying breed. And because the shift is happening, more people are expecting to have many of these options available to them when they join a club. So where did this generational divide come from, and is it really as stark as it seems?

Locker room: Guy shaving naked in the locker room

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Sorry I didn't mean to imply anybody was staring. I mean it's a locker room lol so you're bound to take notice at some point. Is shaving less "accepted" among guys than it is among girls? Share Facebook. Guys, how common is it to see guys in the locker room who shave their pubic hair?