Sex positions for the couch

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Americans spend nearly three hours a day on the couch, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. So if the couch is a big part of your life, you might want to start having sex on it. I mean, why not? Couch sex can be a hot place to mix it up in a relationship; it can be the setting for impromptu sex during downtime; or, it can be a convenient place to get it on while watching Mr. Smith or, you know, straight up porn—no shame in that.

Your Ultimate Guide to Couch Sex

Your Ultimate Guide to Couch Sex | Glamour

Hop aboard that trusty futon and get on getting it on. Once you get through the awkward butt-in-the-face positioning part, you can wiggle your ass as you please and experience some truly deep penetration from an all-new angle. Get on your knees and bend over, holding on to the couch arm. If you require vibration, your partner can press a toy against you to spur you on. Try this twisty position that looks way more complicated than it is.

10 Couch Sex Positions For When You're Not Making It To The Bedroom

I understand this is common knowledge, but it bears repeating, as many of us are apt to get caught in a sexy-time rut of our own creation. The easiest way to break this monotony? Add a few couch sex positions to your repertoire.
Sure, couch sex can be awkward—real estate is precious, and limbs can slip off the couch and crash into an end table. To navigate the ins and outs of couch sex, we tapped sex experts for their best advice:. First things first: kick things off by facing each other and indulging in a little side-by-side fondling. If your couch doesn't have skin-friendly, breathable fabric, throw a blanket or sheet down before you get busy, she says. For the person on the giving end, it also helps ward off shoulder pain and neck cramping.