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An ex-sex worker will guide you in this tour through an exclusive brothel located in a discreet canal-house next to the Heineken Experience. Find out more about legal prostitution in the Netherlands and get your burning questions about Amsterdam's sex industry answered! Listen to funny, weird, and interesting stories that only real insiders in the industry can tell you about. Enjoy a half-day tour to the windmills, cheese shop and Volendam with transportation from Amsterdam in a luxury Mercedes sedan or minivan.

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At the raucous first performance of her new show at the Beacon Theater on Tuesday, Ali Wong bemoaned the state of male groupies, compared oral sex to a pepper grinder and advised women to make stuff up when talking dirty. Too often, critics focus on the part of stand-up comedy that does something other than be funny. Her new show, her funniest yet, also zeros in on gendered double standards, but its finest comic set pieces dig into the bottomless amusement of lust. Sex is the greatest stand-up subject, stubbornly taboo, forever funny.

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Sex tourism refers to the practice of traveling to different countries or continents with the intention of engaging in sexual activity or relationships in exchange for money. This practice predominantly operates in countries where sex work is legal, however, it is known to occur illegally in poorer and less developed societies. The World Tourism Organization of the United Nations has acknowledged this industry is organised both within and outside the structured laws and networks created by them.
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