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That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the film, set in a Roman Catholic boys' school in Hamilton, Ontario, in the 's. This crude, inspirational tear-jerker is as sweet as a bowl of instant oatmeal smothered in molasses. It should please those who honestly believe that Santa Claus and God are synonymous; others may retch. Except for its soundtrack, which features a mawkish, heavily orchestrated rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," which the movie uses without regard to what the song is really about a relationship , "Saint Ralph" looks and sounds a lot like a product of really, really old Hollywood. Once upon a time, the role of Father Hibbert, a mildly rebellious teacher who disobeys orders and coaches Ralph to run in the Boston marathon, might have been played by Bing Crosby, and Ralph by Mickey Rooney.


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Saint Ralph opens in a confession booth, and the litany of adolescent sins confessed tells us succinctly—and humorously—that year-old Catholic schoolboy Ralph Walker newcomer Adam Butcher is certainly no saint. But by the time the hapless Ralph has discovered that his confessor is not a priest but rather his fellow students enjoying a laugh at his expense, the audience has already learned to like the awkwardly earnest young man. Ralph is infamously prone to wander a scene of accidental arousal in a public swimming pool will be funny to some viewers, objectionable to others , and for the first twenty minutes the movie is perhaps a little too eager to show us the various ways Ralph stumbles into "self-abuse. Ralph's father is dead, and his mother Emma Shauna MacDonald is gravely ill. When he's not at school or his mother's bedside, Ralph is alone in his parents' house, keenly aware of his odds of becoming an orphan … and already living like one. Meanwhile, Ralph is a thorn in the side of Father Fitzpatrick acclaimed Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent , who is the archetypal stern headmaster and priest. After learning of the "Old Testament depravity" of the pool incident, Father Fitzpatrick threatens expulsion and sentences Ralph to daily 6 a.

If God Wears a Santa Suit, Will This Be a Tear-Jerker?

Adam Butcher is perfectly cast as Ralph. Despite a strong Christian worldview overall, the movie contains some strong sexual references, especially in the first third, and strong profanities. Finally, the ending is left too unresolved.
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