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Opportunistic, with several foraging techniques. Flies out from a perch to catch insects in the air or on ground; climbs tree trunks and major limbs; clambers about in outer branches; hops on ground. Gathers acorns, beechnuts, and other nuts in fall, storing them in holes and crevices, then feeding on them during winter. Incubation is by both sexes with male incubating at night , days.

7 Types of Woodpeckers in New Jersey (With Pictures)

Everything You Need to Know About Woodpeckers in New Jersey - Bird Advisors

With a maximum length of 7 inches, the downy woodpeckers are the smallest, cutest species alive. The downy woodpecker has entirely white underparts and mostly black upperparts. The wings show characteristic rows of white circles while the back features a large white patch of feathers. Males are adorned with bright-red napes and females substitute with black patches. Luckily, these woodpeckers are permanent residents in New Jersey. In the wild, these woodpeckers live in open woodlands , particularly those featuring deciduous trees and bushy shrubs.

Red-headed Woodpecker

Going out birding in the woods and forest is the best way of seeing Woodpeckers in New Jersey but some such as the Red-bellied Woodpeckers and Downy Woodpeckers are more commonly seen at backyard feeders. Woodpeckers in New Jersey that are more commonly seen in summer are Northern Flickers, those that are more common in winter are Downy Woodpeckers and Yellow-bellied Woodpeckers. You can find more about which woodpeckers of New Jersey are more common by season at the end of the article. Red-headed Woodpeckers breed in New Jersey before heading south for winter.
It's the sound of a woodpecker — the one bird that fascinates all of us. In New Jersey, we have seven regularly occurring woodpeckers, all of which nest here. Is there a bird feeder in your suburban yard? You will most likely have downy and red-bellied woodpeckers coming regularly to your feeder.