Pope lick goatman

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The Pope Lick Monster is a legendary part-man, part-goat or sometimes part-sheep creature reported to live beneath a Norfolk Southern Railroad trestle over Floyd's Fork Creek, in the Fisherville area near Louisville, Kentucky. It has powerful, fur-covered goat legs, an alabaster-skinned face with an aquiline nose and wide set eyes. Short, sharp horns protrude from the forehead, nestled in long greasy hair that matched the color of the fur on the legs. Numerous urban legends exist about the creature's origins and the methods it employs to claim its victims. According to some accounts, the creature uses either hypnosis or voice mimicry to lure trespassers to the tressle to meet their death before an oncoming train.

15-year-old girl dies in yet another train accident on the Pope Lick trestle

Pope Lick 'monster' survivor 'mentally crushed'

Updated: Nov 21, Legends of the Pope Lick Monster have been passed down in our community for generations. Whether it's the version where the sheep-man hybrid from the freakshow escapes from the crashed circus train, a Native American skinwalker seeking vengeance against new settlers in the region, or a satanic farmer sacrificing goats to fuel his transformation, they all have one thing in common: the Pope Lick Trestle is deadly. If you're unfamiliar with the tale, you can listen to our "spooKY" renditions:.

Pope Lick Monster

Standing on a long and narrow train trestle 90 feet above ground, Ohio tourist David Knee gazed in shock at the train barreling down a hill toward him and his girlfriend. Knee, a 6-foot-1 martial arts instructor who regularly lifts weights, shifted into survival mode. He jumped over the side of the Pope Lick train trestle, gripping the structure's metal edge with both arms and one leg while the other leg dangled. The train came so close to him it grazed his arm, leaving a mark. And I was hoping she was going to be OK.
The scene is picturesque underneath an old but very active railroad trestle in the Fisherville area of Louisville, Kentucky. Legends of the paranormal have turned this site into the center of fear and the home of a renowned creature. Tortured a herd of goats for Satan and signed a contract with him and forfeited his soul.