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Micronutrient deficiencies, the lack of essential vitamins and minerals, are especially a concern during pregnancy, when energy and nutrient demands are greater for both mother and foetus, and can lead to adverse health and development outcomes for the mother and child, such as being born too soon or too small. A cost-effective strategy that has been implemented worldwide is to provide micronutrient and vitamin supplementation during pregnancy to achieve better health outcomes in the mother and child. Multiple micronutrient supplementation will help women and children who have more than one type of deficiency. However, it is understood that some micronutrients and vitamins can compete for absorption in the body and, as such, intake of several micronutrients at the same time may not be as effective as one would hope. It is important to evaluate the various types of supplementation in pregnancy and their effects on maternal and child health outcomes to determine the best strategy for reducing poor outcomes.


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Starting with an initial project, semi-structured interviews were conducted with institutionalized individuals with a history of suicide attempts, as well as a review of the literature and research into preventive norms and actions by public health authorities in the country. The results reveal difficulties of individuals in talking about SA as well as shame associated with aging. There was also a major difficulty talking about family ties, confirming gender differences in the method of SA and greater suicide ideation among women, although the possibility of SA repetition does not appear to be a concern. The study elicits reflection on the importance of attention, care, quality of life and the effects of institutionalized life upon the elderly. It is part of a multi-centric project, in which Brazilian, Uruguayan and Colombian researchers participated. The same theoretical-epistemo-logical and methodological framework is shared by all countries, though a project was designed for Uruguay that included some specific aspects worthy of note:. Initially, it started out with a current analysis focused on various socio-historical and cultural characteristics linked to the globalization processes that altered the existential world of individuals and crossed over into social life in a phenomenon that Rebellato 1 1.

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a constitutional republic with an elected president and a bicameral legislature. In in a free and fair runoff election, Tabare Vazquez won a five-year presidential term, and his Frente Amplio coalition won a majority in parliament. The most significant human rights issues included poor and potentially life-threatening conditions in some prisons, widespread use of extended pretrial detention, and violence against women and children. The government took steps to prosecute officials who committed abuses, and there were no reports of impunity during the year.
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