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The 3 volumes are in full color and feature many Zuni artists. Native American Zuni fetish carving of a bighorn sheep, made of turquoise with coral inlay eyes and heart line design. Bears are especially considered to have curative powers. Please call us at or A guide to Zuni Fetish Carvers. This fetish was handmade by Zuni artist Andres Quandelacy. Turtles are the oldest symbols of Mother Earth, and also represent longevity and grounding.

Zuni fetishes

Zuni Fetish Carvers - Best of Zuñi

Zuni fetish carvings have been around for centuries. Ancient Pueblo effigies were an earlier form of a Zuni fetish carving. It has only been in recent times that the fetishes have been carved to sell, and have left the village. While the Zuni fetish carvings you see on our website and others are considered Zuni fetishes, carved by a variety of well known Zuni carvers, true Zuni fetishes do not leave the village and are blessed by a Shaman or Medicine Man and used by the carver himself or a special recipient. Proud, yet humble people, the Pueblo Indians carved these powerful figures to help them in their daily lives. A soaring eagle fetish carving could deliver a prayer or message to the Divine, while bears, wolves, bison, mountain lions, and others could help ensure a plentiful hunt.

Native American Fetishes – Zuni Carving Families

A Native American fetish is a carving from rock, shell, antler, wood or other material that depicts an animal or other spirit. The carving captures the spirit and the essence of the animal, not necessarily its exact detailed conformation. When a carving has been blessed during a Zuni Medicine ceremony at the winter solstice, it becomes a fetish and is considered sacred.
Faye has picked out just the right turquoise stone. She begins to carve a frog fetish for us! Faye works her magic with the stone while Jake watches in awe.