Liquid latex body suit

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Liquid Latex Body Paint

Powerful Liquid Latex Catsuit for Strength -

The purpose of this page is to give you ideas on how to use Liquid Latex body cosmetic - both from our own experience and research, and from that of our customers - to help you with your next project. We urge you to read through our Liquid Latex Guide first for some basic instructions and important information about using liquid latex. It is always important to use liquid latex in a properly ventilated area, and always be sure that there is adult supervision when allowing children to use it. We invite you to contact us to tell us how you are using liquid latex so that we can expand upon this page to help others with their projects. Please feel free to send pictures as well! At the bottom of this page, we have included some additional links to websites that talk about how to care for your reusable liquid latex clothing creations. It is our busiest season of the year and there are so many different ways that the product can be used that it would be impossible to make a list of everything.

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Our body paints will not stain the skin and the color will not rub off onto your clothing or furniture like others. Used correctly with our Prep and Clean products, our paints will not stick to body hair and you can wear it under clothing, and allows for easy removal. Our paints will not sweat off like grease paint. Our paints will last for hours of fun!
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