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I don't think anyone would disagree when I say that our fast-paced lives have so many implications on our fashion choices. On the one hand, we've never been more connected on a global scale than we are now. The fact that a writer like myself in New York can publish a story about what people are wearing in Milan the same day or uncover an emerging Latin-owned brand and shout it out to the world is a beautiful thing. But on the other hand, we consume and wear new trends faster than ever and it's often at the detriment of understanding the context that brought said fashion trend to life aka the backstory. So today, we're taking a closer look at the cultural history behind several now-famous fashion items—each of which has roots in Latin culture.

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86 Latina-Owned Businesses to Shop —Best Latinx-Owned Brands

One way to support the Latinx community: shop from these amazing businesses of course. There are so many standout companies, ranging from luxe to affordable fashion, colorful swimwear brands, statement-making accessory stores, stunning beauty lines—plus home and lifestyle finds out there. If you didn't know about them before, now's the perfect time to educate yourself on the topic and fill your home, closet and medicine cabinet full of insanely great goodies. Keep on scrolling below for 86 Latina- and Latino-owned brands you should definitely know about.

Typical Latin American Dress

Every day, we put on clothes without really thinking about where these individual pieces come from historically. This is when some good fashion history research needs to be done and shared. There are so many pieces of clothing and accessories that millions buy and wear and that you probably own that come from Latin America and Spain or both. We should know about them, and so should the rest of the world. So, we are sharing 25 style pieces that we should definitely take credit for.
Peruvian traditional dress uses brightly colored fabrics, as evidenced in these handbags. The typical dress for Latin Americans can have dramatically different meanings, whether you're in a village in the Andes or in a predominantly latino neighborhood in Miami. From the pre-Colombian styles of the Inca to the fashions of 21st century Latin music superstars, typical dress is consistently marked by cultural fusion and adaptation. You can trace a few elements, such as the vibrancy of colors, throughout the ages; however, from the first arrival of Europeans in South America to the exportation of Latin culture throughout the world, the "typical" fashions have gone through constant upheaval.