Is maynard james keenan bisexual

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Rob Halford loves making dramatic statements. The former singer for the '80s heavy-metal group Judas Priest has just reinvented himself as a Satanic-looking industrial rocker with his project Two. Halford also recently announced that he is gay, confirming one of the worst-kept secrets in rock and making him the first- ever heavy-metal figure to come out of the closet. Born in in Walsall, a suburb of Birmingham, England, Halford helped Judas Priest achieve multiplatinum success with his soaring vocals and outrageous leather-clad persona known as the Metal God. In , Halford was the band's spokesman when it successfully defended itself against a lawsuit seeking to blame the group's music for the suicide pact of two teenagers in Reno, Nev. In , Halford quit Judas Priest under bitter circumstances to pursue solo projects, including an ill-fated band called Fight.

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Is Maynard of Tool bisexual? - Answers

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Wiki User. Maynard James Keenan from Tool is bisexual. This is where Maynard has a second home. She has a friend there that attended one of Maynard's parties. He regularly has parties that aren't co-ed.
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