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On a recent Friday night, after a vigorous evening at the gym and a healthy dinner at the vegetarian Chicago Diner, we decided to hit the bars. After weighing our options and me issuing edicts like: "I will only go to a bar that isn't crowded, isn't more than 50 feet from where we are standing right now we were in front of the 7-Eleven , serves cider on tap, doesn't charge a cover and contains nobody who considers himself a 'boi'," that left us with one option, Cocktail. While not my favorite place--I swear they have been playing the same throbbing, wordless gay dance music for years now--I have definitely been known to have a gay old time there. So we scuttled in, bought a hard cider and grabbed a seat. We had a table in the back and were having a nice time talking and watching the dancers on stage until a group of about 12 younger gay guys came in and gathered right next to us.

here for the smokers.

Mind your Marlboro manners, please - Chicago Tribune

The smell of smoke and nicotine. For a lot of people, these particular scents trigger their gag reflex, which is understandable as knowing that just inhaling secondhand smoke could kill you more than if you were the one smoking that cigarette yourself. For those who smoke, they actually don't mind the smell, but would rather not take a whiff if possible. But for some reason, there are those people who enjoy the smell and are even aroused by it.

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