God gave multiple orgasms

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What do you think is the purpose of orgasm? I was pondering this as I was watching the March 19 episode of Nightline, where they did a segment on female orgasm. Why do I never get called for research like this? All in the name of science. At one point in the segment, the reporter asked one of the doctors what the purpose of orgasm is.

What is the Religious Reason for Gender Differences in Orgasmic Tendency and Ability?

Purpose of Orgasm? You Tell Me.

But I never understood what the big deal was. I'd come, he'd come, we'd fall asleep. Then one night, after I'd had my typical one-shot, my boyfriend kept thrusting. All of a sudden, I felt like I was going to come again. I just gave into the feeling, and my body exploded. It was as though I was rocking on the ocean and every wave drove these amazing pulses of pleasure through me. Cassie's not the only one with the potential for plural peaking.

Beyond the Single Orgasm

If you have another one to pose, head over there and leave a comment. I will eventually get around to all of the inquiries. Simultaneous orgasm? There are other great resources, but I recall these in particular.
Pee standing up! Illustration by Naomi Bardoff. This is a joke about penis envy. Adam is probably pleased with his choice and excited about how jealous Eve will be of his new toy.