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Go bring two why you bringin' one? Go bring I ain't have a drink I had a few I ain't have a drink I had Tell her she could bring her friends too te Go bring I ain't have a drink I had 2 Conrad Tokyo Thank You 4 You r service

Love Me or Hate Me (Fuck You!!!!)

Laffciamcore - Hate Me lyrics • Terror/Speedcore

Wouldn't you believe Hell is not a place Hell is not a certain evil Hell is other people Or the lack thereof And their lack of love And their lack of love. Baby, while we're young I think we should do something crazy Like say fuck everyone And just run away from the daily Routine Yea, you know what I mean. Cause its been another perfect day with ya Wanna lay with ya Spend a night with ya And spend my life with ya Alright Yea you heard me right. I'll go everywhere you go I'll go everywhere you go, you know I'll go I'll go Everywhere you go repeat 3x.

The single was confirmed for release by her official website and was released in October Luke" Gottwald. The video features Lady Sovereign appearing in Tetris -style blocks, and acting out certain lyrics of the song.
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