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Last updated : July 7, See also S. The vote is not lost for those subject to the law if imposition of sentence is suspended. A final sentence was added to this provision in by HB to implement the resulting bifurcated approach:.

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South Dakota - Guide to Pardon, Expungement & Sealing

Wondering what's going on in your state? See how your state stacks up on sexuality issues for teens. And don't forget to find out how to make a difference on these issues. Department of Health and Human Services, September Sex ed Rights South Dakota state law does not require schools to provide sex education. Teaching about contraceptives, such as condoms or the Pill, is not required.

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As a victim of crime, you may be experiencing feelings of confusion, frustration, fear and anger. We will explain your rights as a victim and help you better understand how the criminal justice system works. One of the responsibilities of citizenship for those who have knowledge about the commission of a crime is to serve as witnesses at the criminal trial or one of the other hearings held in connection with the criminal prosecution.
The following are selected statewide policies and are not an exhaustive list of all policies. The state reserves the right to change or eliminate these policies with or without notice. Please be aware that your agency may have more restrictive policies or guidelines on the same subject matter and additional policies on different subjects.