Fetish pedal pumping

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Mar Posted by drmarkgriffiths. For instance, an online article on the Wiki Answers website reported:. She can do it barefoot, hosiery, stilettos, sneakers, socks, sandals, pumps, high heels, boots or any possible footwear may be appealing to one who enjoys this fetish. The female doing the pedal pumping must tap into her dominating self-confidence as she steps on the pedal. Pedal pumping is all about the power of a female using her feet to activate power.

That’s My Fetish: Pedal Pushing


Pedal-pumping, also referred to as revving and cranking, is a new sort of clean, monotonous niche porn that is taking over the web with a big American "redneck" following. The mistress of Jesse James, estranged husband of American actress Sandra Bullock, claims to have a number of pedal-pumping fans. Anneli Rufus, award-winning author and contributor to The Daily Beast blog, has unearthed a number of sites with thousands of video clips showing pedicured feet in sandals and heels pumping the gas pedal of an automobile, preferably a large truck. Some of the sites include: PumpThatPedal. Susan Block, PhD, a featured sexologist on HBO's Real Sex and Cathouse, explained "the basic kinetic movement is a masturbatory motion: the muscles releasing and contracting as the foot rubs repetitively against a phallic symbol, which is the gas pedal. Men think of themselves as cars. The 'vroom' of the engine reminds them of their own libidos being revved up by this hot woman.

Pedal pumping

Name: George R. When I was a kid. I remember my mom driving barefoot sometimes. When I was in the backseat, I would lean in to get a better view of her feet. What about it turned you on?
Human sexuality is a weird, weird thing. This isn't news, of course. We wrote about this particular fetish — Pedal Pumping — a long time ago , and what really is striking about it is that it seems almost tailor-made for our particular Jalop community: old, strange cars, pretty girls — why aren't we all wasting hours watching these?