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Bravo, Laura Dodsworth. Me and my vulva: women reveal all. F irst things first: the documentary Vaginas Channel 4 was not about vaginas — it was about vulvas. They were photographed up close and personal by the artist Laura Dodsworth with their owners invited to sit, look and talk about them afterwards as part of a project that follows on from similar ones she has done involving breasts and penises separately, for the avoidance of doubt.

100 Vaginas

Laura Dodsworth: Why I photographed vulvas - BBC News

Skip navigation! Story from Body. Laura Dodsworth has spent the last year taking pictures of women's vulvas. It's not a conventional day job, but it's one she fully committed to, resulting in her upcoming book, Womanhood , and a Channel 4 documentary, Vaginas. The project is part of a wider series called The Bare Reality , which has seen Laura photograph penises and pairs of breasts in a bid to help people tell their story about their body in their own way.

A Documentary Has Everyone Talking About Vaginas and It's Amazing

First it was breasts , then penises — now photographer Laura Dodsworth has taken portraits of vulvas. She tells Liv Little why. T owards the end of last year, I published an essay about my vulva — in a book, and then in the Guardian.
While the crux of her new project, Womanhood , is taking pictures of female bodies, the accompanying Channel 4 documentary offers up conversations with trans women, gay women, virgins, older women and young women about pretty much everything to do with the vagina. There is a hideous amount of shame that still surrounds female genitalia. Many of the women photographed and interviewed in Vaginas admit feeling embarrassed or ill-informed about their own bodies.