Divorce rate of gay marriage statistics

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This study uses state administrative data to assess rates of relationship dissolution among same-sex couples in eight states that offer marriage or other forms of legal recognition. Now that same-sex couples have the ability to marry or enter some other form of legal relationship in many states, we also see that couples sometimes dissolved those legal relationships. Administrative data from two states shows that same-sex couples end their marriages at a rate of 1. This rate is slightly lower than the annual rate of divorce among married different-sex couples.

Patterns of Relationship Recognition for Same-Sex Couples: Divorce and Terminations

FACTBOX-Same-sex marriage around the world, 20 years after Dutch first | Reuters

Want to receive exclusive GayTravel. Find out more about same-sex marriage statistics, facts about same-sex divorce rates, and more. With the monumental decision of Obergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court decided to legalize same-sex marriages in the Us. The fight for gay rights and gay marriage has been a long and rigorous one.

20 years of gay marriage in the Netherlands: 20 thousand couples

The extension of civil marriage , union , and domestic partnership rights to same-sex couples in various jurisdictions can raise legal issues upon dissolution of these unions that are not experienced by opposite-sex couples, especially if law of their residence or nationality does not have same-sex marriage or partnerships. In jurisdictions where same-sex unions are not possible, also divorce or annulment is often not possible, while general conflict of law rules sometimes exclude divorce in the jurisdiction where the marriage was celebrated. In some jurisdictions divorce is possible, even if marriage is not possible. They are listed below:. Marriages and divorces in the U.
More women than men have married a partner of the same sex. The number of male couples was only higher in the first two years after the introduction of same-sex marriages. Over the past five years, an average of marriages between two women and marriages between two men were concluded annually. In , fewer marriages were concluded than in the previous years, also among opposite-sex couples. During the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in particular, the number of marriage registrations decreased.