Coventry married women looking in mango

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Diana Coupland, actress and singer: born Leeds 5 March ; married first Monty Norman one daughter; marriage dissolved , second Marc Miller; died Coventry, Warwickshire 10 November The face of Diana Coupland was one of the most familiar in television sitcom of the s. Jean was the long-suffering wife who was more than a match for Sid, hounding him and invariably emerging the victor from their confrontations. She was also a devoted mother, able to understand much better the views of her children, the unemployed former art student Mike Robin Stewart and the free-love-espousing, grammar-school girl Sally Sally Geeson. The cosy middle-class shenanigans quickly captivated viewers' imaginations, with audiences of up to 20 million over 65 episodes and six series, as well as a film spin-off - ended only by Sid James's real-life death.

All about mangos: How to choose, eat and cook with this succulent fruit

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Mango skin must be discarded. Cut along the broad side of the fruit, from the stem to the tip, slicing down and along the side of the curved pit. Repeat on both sides. Eat the flesh hand to mouth, or with a spoon. Cut away the rest of the flesh with your knife, or enjoy eating it straight off the pit. Just make sure you have a plate under your chin, as the mango is very succulent and the nectar will drip! The mango is a versatile fruit.

Why are women posting fruit on Facebook? The new Facebook status update craze explained

Guarantee you'll never miss another big story from Coventry by signing up for our free email updates. Women have been taking to Facebook to post status updates that have been leaving men in total confusion. You see, the secret behind the trend has been exposed - and has caused an end to the speculation once and for all. The women are posting status updates of a fruit without revealing it's meaning with an aim of raising awareness of breast cancer through the game. Video Loading Video Unavailable.
Jenny Edgar would only eat chips, cheese and pasta for more than 20 years, and would even have just macaroni cheese on Christmas Day, but now has a healthy diet. A woman who has eaten only cheese, chips and pasta for more than 20 years after developing a fear of fruit and veg has been cured by hypnotherapy. Jenny Edgar, 32, would gag if she tried anything other than her bland diet of dry cereal, cheese and biscuits and her everyday dinner of pasta or chips. Even her Christmas dinner was macaroni cheese washed down with a glass of water. The health centre receptionist, from Coventry, avoided eating out as any fruit, vegetables or fish would leave her heaving.