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There are so many coats of paint to remove it was going to be a nasty job. I spoke to my neighbors who said they had an infrared paint remover Silent Paint Remover that worked great. I was hesitant to put out a lot of money for a new, unproven tool so I asked to borrow it for an evening. I used the tool for 20 minutes and immediately went inside and placed an order!

The Best Paint Stripping Tools

SoyGel Paint & Urethane Remover | Cool Tools

Being in the business of restoring old houses, I do a lot of paint stripping. And much of that paint is lead paint so I have to be extra careful to make sure we keep our dust under control. Here are the best paint stripping tools I have used over the years. Some work better than others, and their performance often depends on the type and condition of the paint you are removing. All of these are the biggest contenders if you are looking to do some serious paint stripping.

How to Strip Paint From Wood

When I first used it about five years ago, I was shocked. I used two gallons to strip an entire room: it went on like honey and smelled almost as good. Three hours later, almost all the paint came right off in one fell swoop. One recommendation: if you use SoyGel outside, watch for breezes that dry the stripper out too quickly. If this occurs, just brush on some more.
By Manasa Reddigari and Tony Carrick. Paint prep is a necessary but sometimes tedious step. Some types of paint prep are easier than others. On a piece of furniture with only a few isolated peeling patches, you can simply scrape, sand, and prime before repainting. You could do this manually with a hand sander and a whole lot of elbow grease not an option with lead-based paint.