Cat piss bud

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Cat Piss is a strain with various sources of origin. Below are several anecdotes about the strain's inception. Her flowers are rock-hard and shaped like a small pine cone with a glowing neon-green hue. Cat Piss has shades of dark green and lavender that will remind you of a tropical jungle.

Cat Piss Weed Strain: The Full Review

Cat Piss Strain [The Complete Cannabis Strain Review]

Cat Piss may have a disgusting name and aroma, but this strain provides one upbeat, energizing high. Great for the morning, Cat Piss is all smiles and joy. Great for the morning, this herb is all smiles and joy. Cat Piss originated as a clone-only phenotype of Super Silver Haze , which is one of the most popular Sativas around. While the effects of some Sativas can be compared to a morning cup of coffee, this strain is more like a shot of espresso. The high from this strain is cerebral, buzzy, and focused.

Cat Piss Marijuana Strain

Cat Piss is a Sativa dominant hybrid that many people pass over due to its name and the pungent stench it exudes. People seem to have extreme views of this strain. Either they love it or they're not fond of it at all.
By accessing this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We use cookies for certain features and to improve your experience. See our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy to learn more. Cat Piss is a sativa marijuana strain and phenotype of Super Silver Haze. This strain produces uplifting effects that leave the consumer feeling happy and functional.