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A great pleasure for foodies, chronicling an unlikely revolution. Not single-handedly, of course. She came home disillusioned with the monstrous cuisine of her native land. She hired people who thought it might be cool to cook or bake or wait tables, and she watched huge amounts of inventory—especially wine—walk out the door.


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The new dumplings, the sashimi—so yummy! Originally from Tokyo, Nakamura was always enthralled by the kitchen and enjoyed dining about the city with Posada. Both former vegetarians with a mutual affinity for political activism and delicious food, the formation of a custom-cut butcher shop committed to serving local pastured and organic meats seemed natural. Both she and Nakamura personally visit every farm with which they work, to ensure each purveyor stands up to their standards.

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In between licking Cool Ranch dust from her fingertips, Waters responded to the news, saying, "Look, just eat whatever you want. You do you. But can you imagine?
In recent years, representation in the culinary landscape has finally started to highlight the diversity of the industry — and although we still have a long way to go, these individuals are working hard to make sure there's a spot at the table for everyone. There might be a Moroccan chef hiding inside you; or a French, Mexican, or Italian one. Over the course of your career, how have you seen inclusivity in the food industry change?