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Both of sensual A Thousand and One Erotic Nights films are making their Blu-ray debuts from Vinegar Syndrome, newly restored from their 35mm negatives. After the Sultan John Leslie defeats his cheating wife, the Sultana, along with his traitorous General, the Sultan no longer trusts women and orders they be put to death after spending the night with him. Can she use her storytelling skills to delay her looming execution, while also winning the affection of the Sultan? In an effort to spice things up, his advisor and confidant Jamie Gillis creates a contest to find the most titillating women in the Kingdom, and a new consort to the Sultan as well. A woman named Scheherezade Kari Foxx enters the contest, and may have a unique talent none of the of the other women possess….

1001 Erotic Nights - The Story Of Scheherazade DVD

Erotic Nights - The Story Of Scheherazade DVD

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1001 Erotic Nights 1: the Story Of Scheherazade - DVD - VCA

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The story of Scherazade. It was a time when Sultans filled their tents with gorgeous harem girls, when no fantasy was too outlandish for the oil-sliked slave girls and exotic belly dancers of ancient Arabia. You'll witness one sultry tale of desert lust after another, starting with a well hung genie who grants 'three wishes' to three desert girls.